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    • Real Estate Office with Federal Certification

  • All of the properties you will see in our listing have had the documents checked and are valid and ready for a quick transaction. This is our guarantee.

    If you are thinking about selling a home or property remember our slogan ” You can go with the rest or sign with the best”. We guarantee you will sell your house at fair market value.

    A thousand questions surround the purchase and sale of real estate. Increasingly more people prepare in this fascinating field to answer all the questions that emerge, such as: how much is this house worth, can I set up an office or business there, how much will I pay in taxes, are the documents in order, what kind of contract should I do, how is the structure, etc.? The real estate agency, “Exclusives Only Real Estate” offers comprehensive professional services that will answer all of these questions and more. An agency must face the challenge of evaluating, negotiating, coordinating, promoting, managing, and other activities regarding properties. We have agents in place to assure you have a smooth and stress free purchase or sale.

    We have obtained the Federal Certification for Consulting in the Marketing of Real Estate
    , ECO110 through the Mexican Association of real estate professionals, A. C..

    Our agency specializes in locally owned properties that are affordable and priced competitively and in most cases below other agents similar listings.

    Our main office is located in Chelem, Yucatan. On the only main road on the island.

    Feel free to stop in and ask questions. Or message us on WhatsApp! +52 1 999 247 4620